Zelená stráň residential park

ZELENÁ STRÁŇ RESIDENTIAL PARK is a new project of the residential housing in Košice which is situated in the Košická Nová Ves part of the city. New apartments for sale are located in a quiet location, directly in the nature but at the same time, they are close to the city centre of Košice. The residential complex consists of 10 separate blocks, each of which represents a standalone expansion unit. Apartments are located in three types of blocks:

  • four "A" type residential buildings
  • three "B" type residential buildings
  • three "C" type residential buildings

The residential buildings are designed as 5-floor buildings, where in the lowest floor are situated parking places, storage spaces/cellars and technical rooms, while other 4, above ground floors are residential. As to the architectural and material solution of the residential buildings, they are based on the use of pure and simple shapes and volumes with high proportion of glazing and structured plaster. All the materials and colours are in harmony with the natural character of the place.   

Construction of new apartments

The construction will be provided in three stages. In the first stage, the work on the residential segment, consisting of the blocks A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, will be realized. In the second stage, works involving the completion of the A4, B3 and C1 blocks and C2 and C3 blocks in the third stage, will be carried out. All the utilities, hardstandings, paths and roads will be realized during the phasing.

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in management, development and activities related to real estate in Slovakia and abroad.

TERMS - Stage 1

TERMS - Stage 2


The apartments are offered for sale as standard bare unfurnished apartments - the entrance fire-resistant security door, preparation of the water distribution and the drainage system for the kitchen unit, preparation of the drawers for kitchen appliances, windows with an aluminum multi-chambered vacuum system with double glazing, partitions, preparation of the heat and the hot water in a common boiler room, preparation of the cold water supply for the washing machine finished with a throttle, preparation for the instalation of lamps and sockets, outdoor lighting and sockets, TV, telephone and data structured wiring system; video intercom.

Component parts of the standard bare unfurnished apartments:

  • safety entrance door with a 23 point security lock, fire-resistance with a 3 point security lock, surface finishing of the door - bleached oak shade
  • water and domestic drainage piping for the further installation of the kitchen bathroom and WC objects, with a separate outlet for the washing machine (the water distribution is completed with plugs)
  • Own electrometer, accessible from the corridor
  • meters of the hot and cold water accessible from the corridor
  • socket outlets for the portable appliances
  • terminals for mounting and light switches
  • windows - plastic, 6-chamber profile system with VACUUM TRIPLE glazed glass interior white colour exterior dark grey colour with a clear coefficient of thermal conductivity k = 0,9.
  • partitions
  • inner sill from plastic white colour, outer sill made of an aluminium sheet in a black grey colour
  • cement floors in the housing unit
  • balcony floors - frost resistant, non-slip ceramic floor tiles, terrace floors of the apartments in penthouses - composite photos
  • gypsum plasters - white colour, except for the so-called wet rooms
  • floors
  • preparation of the heat and hot water (DHW) in a common boiler room with 2 gas boilers
  • wiring - TV, telephone and internet
  • audio porter.


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