An ideal place for living

ZELENÁ STRÁŇ RESIDENTIAL PARK is situated in a unique location of the Košická Nová Ves. This location, which is recently developing, is only 3,5 km far from the historical centre of the city and from the AUPARK shopping centre. It is a modern complex of apartments which is nicely embedded into a gentle slope. There is an interesting view of the Košická Nová Ves village, of the valley with Suchý potok stream and Slanské vrchy mountains or on the opposite site, there is a panoramic view of the old town of Košice and Slovenské Rudohorie mountains. Its great location is an ideal place for your living.

The distance between this location and the main road is sufficient which means that you can enjoy the beauty of nature, the peace and quiet and the rural atmosphere of the already existing low surrounding houses in Košická Nová Ves. Great advantage of this location is that you are close to the nature and at the same time you are close to the city centre. The apartments are designed with a strong emphasis on their functionality and their dispositions are refined in detail. All the materials used are of a standard quality. A green park of the apartment complex with a unique small lake and playgrounds with various gaming units, will offer a place where you can relax and enjoy the real nature with your friends and relatives after a working day. All this will be available for residents only. The location is quiet, and it is unlikely to happen that some further construction will be carried out here. There is no industrial or commercial zone around and this area has a rural character.

Transport availability

The connection between this location and the city centre is provided by trolley-bus and bus lines of the public transportation. The railway and bus station are just 4 km away. The reconstructed four-lane road Sečovská with a newly built intersection Prešovská - Sečovská represents a smooth transport connection. The traffic will be connected with the outlet road towards Michalovce city - Sečovská (which continues as Herlianská street), according to the territorial community development. The developer will build a new traffic light for the residents which will provide a safe and smooth accessibility of the surrounding area. Cyclists will certainly make use of a cycle path leading to Hungary which is very close to the residential park. The forest which is nearby, offers you the possibility of healthy walks in the nature and an active spending of your leisure time.

Civil facilities

There is a grocery store near the residential complex, a shopping centre, restaurants, pharmacy, post office and also an elementary School. There is a kindergarten and an elementary school directly in the Košická Nová Ves district, as well as a football field and tennis court. The public swimming pool, the pool are just 6 minutes far away by car and the ice rink is just 7 minutes far away by car. The St. Augustin Monastery and the Church of St. Ladislav, with the first written document from 1927, will warmly welcome all the religious residents.


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